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Building sustainable intelligent cities, one home at a time

We’re committed to providing honest, reliable energy and water services that are more affordable than the grid. Using smart technology, we can guarantee that you will pay less. We’re in this together: you save when you use, and we only earn when you save.

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A smarter solar geyser

Take control of your hot water

Pay nothing for installation

Personalise your hot water schedule

Get smart advice to save more

Pay less for hot water, guaranteed

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You shouldn’t have to pay the earth to capture the sun

The De Wets

Could save more than R1 000 per year

The de Wets are a family of three who spend R1 500 on their electricity each month. They’ve been thinking of switching to a solar geyser for some time but have been held back by the upfront cost. When their geyser bursts they can use Plentify to go solar without paying anything upfront, save a little extra each month, and take pride in doing their bit for the environment.

Could save more than R1 250 per year

The Pietersens spend about R2 000 on their electricity each month. They have two kids, so afternoons are spent at sports practice and events while their electric geyser keeps guzzling power at home. With Plentify they’d be able make even better use of their afternoon sunshine, optimise their hot water around their schedules and set a good example for their kids.

The Ngcabas

Could save more than R1 500 per year

The Ngcabas are a large family with a big house to match. They already spend almost R2 500 a month on electricity and are worried about the next tariff increase. As life gets more expensive in South Africa, they’re constantly looking for smarter ways to save. With Plentify, not only could they knock a big chunk off that electricity bill, but also get personalised advice on how to save even more.

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It’s always a worry letting strangers into your home.
Not only do we provide the best technology, we partner with the best installation team so you always feel safe.

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