Plentify provides reliable and sustainable energy and water services that are more affordable than the grid.

We pride ourselves on removing all barriers to South Africans switching to new sources of energy and water by paying all upfront costs and selling services more affordably than the grid. Using advanced technology, we are able to not only put control back into your hands, but also increase your savings by using these precious resources as optimally as possible. There is no catch – we’ve created a business model that supports sustainability and gives you individual power to harness the potential of our world.

Join us in designing the future. A future where together we build sustainable, intelligent cities one home at a time.

Plumb Guarantee

PlumbGuarantee is a company of registered and qualified plumbers that specialise in the supply, installation, servicing and repair of plumbing systems.

As part of their commitment to embracing sustainable solutions Plentify and PlumbGuarantee have partnered to bring smart solar geyser solutions to customers who are ready for the change. For us at Plentify this means that we know that you will always receive reliable, safe and friendly service from specialists who have installed over 18 000 hot water systems over more than 20 years in the field.