Do I have to pay Plentify any money upfront?2017-03-31T06:36:19+02:00

You don’t pay us anything upfront. Your insurance will pay us the claim payment instead of paying for an electric geyser. Plentify pays the difference to install a smart solar geyser.

How much do I pay on a monthly basis?2017-03-31T06:35:51+02:00

We carefully track how much electricity your smart solar geyser is saving you. Each month you will receive a summary of how much electricity you have saved (which you can also monitor in real time through our web app). You keep 20% of these savings and pay 80% to Plentify as your service fee.

How does the system save electricity?2017-03-31T06:35:26+02:00

Our system saves you money by harnessing the sun’s energy to heat water and by optimising the system so that a minimum amount of electric backup is required. We have plans to make the system even smarter over time to increase your savings even further.

How are savings calculated?2017-03-31T06:35:00+02:00

Your electricity savings are the difference between how much electricity your smart solar geyser uses (for electric backup) and how much electricity a new SABS-compliant electric geyser would have used. These savings are converted into a monetary value using your municipality’s electricity tariff.

Electricity used by your smart solar geyser is measured in real time by the smart box. Electricity which would have been used by an electric geyser is calculated using a methodology published by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), the world’s largest technical professional organisation for the advancement of technology (available at https://goo.gl/uTu5bI).

Are my savings the same every month?2017-04-03T07:48:16+02:00

Because our system saves you money by harnessing the sun’s energy to heat water, savings will be higher in summer months than winter months.

How do I see what my current savings are?2017-03-31T06:34:03+02:00

You can see both the units of electricity saved and your share of the monetary savings in our web app. The app gives you the ability to see your savings daily, weekly and monthly, as well as the overall amount that you have saved since the smart solar geyser was installed. We will also send you a monthly summary with your bill.

How long do I keep paying?2017-03-31T06:33:39+02:00

You keep paying for the 10 year life of the agreement, unless it is terminated sooner. You can terminate at any time by paying a cancellation fee, buying out the solar geyser or transferring the agreement to the new owners if you sell your house.

How much does it cost to buy out?2017-03-31T06:33:16+02:00

You can buy out the solar geyser at any time for its remaining value plus an admin fee. The remaining value is calculated as the net cost of installing it (after deducting your insurance claim) minus 10% for each year it has been installed (pro rated for part of a year). The admin fee is a once-off payment of R1 000 escalated at 6% per year.

Can I get the same offer at a later time?2017-03-31T06:32:49+02:00

No. This offer is only available if your electric geyser needs to be replaced, and if this replacement is covered by insurance.

Is this a loan?2017-03-31T06:31:03+02:00

No. Through years of market and user research, we have learned that most South Africans don’t want to take out a loan for a solar geyser. No one wants to deal with the paperwork, or pay exorbitant interest rates to unsecured lenders and committing to a fixed monthly payment when you aren’t sure whether you’ll save more is risky. In keeping with this research, we’ve designed a smart hot water service that gives you what you want: you sign up through a process that matches what’s happening in your life, pay nothing extra upfront and only pay a share of what you save.

What if I change my mind after the temporary geyser has been installed?2017-03-31T06:30:38+02:00

This is an example of how we have designed our sign-up process to match what is happening in your life. We realise that you didn’t plan for your geyser to burst and that you just want to get hot water tonight and get back to your life. You might not have the mindspace to properly evaluate a switch to solar. So, take your time. As long as you either sign up for our smart hot water service or have one of our contractors install a permanent electric geyser within two days, the temporary geyser remains free. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay us R1 500 once-off for the temporary geyser service.

What if I change my mind after the smart solar geyser has been installed?2017-03-31T06:30:16+02:00

You can terminate the contract at any time. You can either pay a cancellation fee and have us remove the system, or buy out the solar geyser and stop paying the monthly fee.

What if the system isn’t as good as it should be?2017-03-31T06:29:53+02:00

We constantly monitor the system to give you the best experience. You pay only for electricity saved: so if the system saves less, you pay us less. We’re in this together.

Who owns the system?2017-03-31T06:29:30+02:00

Plentify owns the smart solar geyser. You can buy it out at any time though.

What if I sell my house?2017-03-31T06:29:07+02:00

You’ll need to tell the new buyer about our agreement. We’ll then work with them to enter into a new agreement. If they decide to continue saving with us, you’re off the hook. If not, you’ll need to terminate the contract and either pay a cancellation fee or buy out the solar geyser. Our hot water service legitimately saves you money, so it’s likely that the new owners would be happy to continue with our services.

What happens after the contract term?2017-03-31T06:28:46+02:00

At the end of the contract you can continue with our service, buy out the solar geyser for R1 000 (escalated at 6% per year), or have us remove it.

What contracts do I sign?2017-03-31T06:28:23+02:00

You start by signing a Temporary Geyser Agreement governing the installation and terms for the temporary geyser. Then you sign a Smart Hot Water Service Agreement governing the installation and terms for the smart solar geyser system and related services.

What if the smart box breaks?2017-03-31T06:27:30+02:00

We’ll take responsibility for repairs and maintenance of the smart box for the life of the agreement. If damage is caused by tampering, you are responsible for repairs and penalties.

What if the solar geyser breaks?2017-03-31T06:27:03+02:00

You are responsible for repairs and maintenance to the solar geyser and are required to maintain adequate insurance to cover these costs at all times. You also have all of your protections under the Consumer Protection Act.

Why can’t I get solar installed today?2017-03-31T06:26:38+02:00

Not all solar systems are created equal, but rather need to be customised (for example, to ensure that your roof has sufficient support and that the layout is optimised for your piping). We’ll collect all necessary parameters during the installation of the temporary geyser so that we can design the best system for you.

Is this some sort of experimental geyser?2017-03-31T06:26:13+02:00

We use solar geysers complying with relevant SABS standards from established South African manufacturers with reliable track records. While the smart box and software are new pieces of technology that have not been widely deployed yet, they have been tested extensively.

What type of solar geysers do you use?2017-03-31T06:25:50+02:00

Our smart system is compatible with most available solar geysers and we will help you make the right choice for your house. In general, we prefer thermosyphon systems which circulate water with no moving parts to pumped systems, which have greater maintenance requirements. We also prefer flat plate systems to evacuated tube systems (tube systems have a higher risk of overheating and tend to waste water in summer months).

Who is doing the installation?2017-03-31T06:25:25+02:00

Installation will be completed by contractors vetted by Plentify and approved by your insurance company.

Do I need internet in my home?2017-03-31T06:25:00+02:00

No. Our smart solar geyser has its own internet connection.

Will I get hot water on cloudy days?2017-03-31T06:24:36+02:00

Yes. The smart solar geyser will use electric backup to heat water if the sun can’t do all of the work itself.

Can the geyser be installed inside my roof?2017-03-31T06:24:11+02:00

With a thermosyphon system, the geyser can only be installed inside your roof if there is sufficient space to install it above the level of the solar collectors (which will always be on the outside of your roof). This can be assessed onsite. With a pumped system, a geyser can usually be installed inside your roof, but this has additional maintenance requirements which we will need to consider.

Do I have to pay for the temporary electric geyser?2017-03-31T06:23:36+02:00

No. As long as you either sign up for our smart hot water service or have one of our contractors install a permanent electric geyser within two days, you do not have to pay for it. Otherwise, you pay R1 500.

What do I need to know for the installation?2017-03-31T06:23:04+02:00

Our contractors will most likely need access to your broken geyser, and get inside your ceiling space and on top of your roof. You may be without power and water for part of the installation. Installation will last approximately 2-3 hours for the temporary geyser and 7-8 hours for the smart solar geyser.

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