The choice to match your future

Your geyser needs to be replaced. How will you spend your insurance claim?

Option 1:
Electric geyser (without Plentify)

Pay nothing upfront

Get hot water tonight

Keep paying 40% of your electricity bill to heat your water at increasing rates

Contact your plumber

Option 2:
Plentify smart hot water service

Pay nothing upfront and we install
a smart solar geyser with electric backup

Get hot water tonight

You keep 20% of your electricity savings every month,
totalling more than R10 000 over the system’s life

Plus, you get personalised advice to help
you increase savings over time

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Option 3:
Solar geyser (without Plentify)

Pay R20 000 – R30 000 upfront and get a basic solar geyser with electric backup

Wait 2 – 3 days for hot water

Keep all electricity savings, but get no smart advice and service

Contact your plumber

Take a closer look

Through a combination of sophisticated technology, the app, smart box and solar geyser work together, ensuring our smart hot water service is efficient and reliable


Web app

Track and control your hot water from your phone


Smart box

Tells your solar geyser when you want hot water and tracks usage


Solar geyser

Harnesses sun’s heat and uses electric backup if needed


Hot water

Enjoy hot water when you need it

Save as you use

Calculate how much you could save

Make smarter decisions

Personalised advice that will help you save

We give you data-driven advice on how to cut costs. For example, if you changed your shower time from morning to evening you could benefit from using water that has already been heated by the sun. Our system is unique in that we can tell you exactly how much money this could save you.

Do you qualify?

The following criteria must be met

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What happens next?

Take the steps to turn your burst into a benefit

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